Why You Should Choose Edibles From a Weed Store in Santa Ana

Weed Store Santa Ana

You drop by your favorite weed store in Santa Ana and you see the edibles section. You’re more of a buds person and you’ve veered away from ingestible marijuana because of the horror stories you’ve heard. The budtender gives you an impressive intro, and you’re almost swayed. Instead, you end up giving in to your apprehensions and stick with just buying buds. There’s nothing wrong with the decision you’ve made. But perhaps it’s high time you look at the other side of edibles, the benefits that they bring. And you’ll be surprised that there are quite a lot of them. The good news is, you don’t need to go through all the trouble of researching because we’ve taken it upon ourselves to narrow them down for you. Here they are.

Raw Cannabis is Packed With Nutrients

Cannabis turns psychoactive when heated and combusted. It’s what happens during smoking and vaping. And if you’re making space cookies, you’ll first need to decarboxylate your buds by heating them to a certain temperature before infusing them into butter. However, cannabis without decarboxylation won’t get you high. The raw plant material contains omega fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E, B1, and B2, and minerals like iron and calcium. Many weed aficionados sprinkle raw buds onto their smoothies and salads to create their superfoods. And it’s something you ought to try out.

Weed Store Santa Ana

Edibles Are The Healthier Alternative to Smoking

While experts haven’t found a connection between smoking cannabis and lung cancer, they’ve associated it with other conditions like chronic bronchitis and airway inflammation. That’s because marijuana smoke, while not as detrimental as its tobacco counterpart, is still a lung irritant. Ultimately, chronic use could potentially lead to long-term respiratory problems. But with edibles, these issues are non-existent. You’re not dealing with carcinogens and all the other harmful agents that come with inhaling burnt cannabis. That also means you can consume all the edibles you want to your heart’s content. Just be careful while doing so.

The Right Doses Provide Relief

Cannabis’ known benefits are manifested when taken at the right dose. With edibles, the recommended amount is between 1 to 15 mg of THC. If you happen to be dealing with pain and nausea, you’re bound to experience relief within this dosing range. Another great thing about edibles is that the effects are long-lasting. Compared to the 60-minute high that smoking brings, you get double that amount of time with edibles.

Choosing Edibles From a Weed Store in Santa Ana

You can purchase top-notch edibles from other cannabis dispensaries. But if you choose to shop here at Santa Ana Cookies, we’ll guarantee nothing but high quality in both product and service. We’ve got delectable desserts like caramel mocha chocolate bars and refreshing drinks like berry dragonfruit vitamin shots. We also have potent gummies to help put an end to your sleep troubles. All you’ll have to do is drop by and see the products for yourselves. Our shop is located along Newport Circle and we’re open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM. For inquiries, call us at 1 (855) 626-6543.

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