Who Are Edibles in Santa Ana Meant For?

Edibles in Santa Ana

Edibles make for an extraordinary way to consume cannabis. This discreet yet powerful method can be frightening for some. Edible marijuana has been known to have strong side effects even for veteran smokers. So, who are edibles in Santa Ana meant for? Here’s what Santa Ana Cookies has to say!

Who Benefits From Edibles The Most?

Nearly anyone can benefit from edible marijuana. However, some individuals can get even more benefits from edible products. So, who benefits the most from edibles?

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens and elderly individuals may benefit from edibles more than the younger crowd. This is because edibles provide relief without needing to combust or vaporize cannabis. Senior citizens and elderly individuals may have sensitive respiratory systems, resulting in further complications from marijuana. For those reasons, edibles are an excellent solution for older individuals!

Those Who Can’t Smoke

Edibles weren’t made without reason. This style of cannabis was developed for those who can’t consume cannabis the traditional way. If you have respiratory issues, can’t smoke/vape, or simply choose not to, you can benefit from edibles.

Edibles in Santa Ana

Discreet Stoners

Edibles aren’t just suited for the elderly. These products are equally portable and discreet. This style of cannabis can be advantageous for discreet and low-key stoners. If your circumstances don’t allow you to spark up freely, or you’re concerned about the smell, opt for an edible!

Veteran Smokers

Because edibles can have increased THC content, they can make an excellent treat for veteran smokers. Edibles can come in THC contents ranging from 50mg all the way to the thousands! If you have a long-standing history with cannabis, you might want to get your hands on an edible!

Edible Recommendations

What, you thought we would leave you without some edible recommendations? Don’t be crazy! Here are some of the top products you can find at Santa Ana Cookies:

Wyld Gummies

If you want to step up your cannabis game, look no further than Wyld. Wyld offers potent THC gummies that will have your couch locked in no time. Try their Marionberry Indica Gummy made with real fruit and quality product!


If you need a quick pick-me-up or something to wind down with, try TONIK! This edible style is meant to be taken like a shot, similar to five-hour energy. If you’re looking for added energy, try their Mango Guava. If sleeps what you need, look no further than their Cherry Lime!

Come Try Edibles in Santa Ana

So, what’re you waiting for? Come visit Santa Ana Cookies today! We carry a wide variety of edible brownies, gummies, drinks, and more! But, if you still need a little help, Santa Ana Cookies has you covered! Our knowledgeable staff of budtenders can guide you through the process of choosing the right strain. Our budtenders are here to ensure you get the best product that matches your needs and budget. Call us at (855) 626-6543 or come visit us in person at 1821 Newport Circle, Santa Ana, California 92705 for more information!

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