What’s New at The Best Dispensary In Santa Ana?

whats new at the best dispensary in santa ana

Santa Ana Cookies is consistent in carrying not just your everyday favorites but also in bringing in new products for you to try and grow to love, too. We all have that “go-to” strain, but it’s also nice to expand out of your comfort zone and discover something new. It can be both exciting and rewarding! Read on to discover the latest drops here at the Best dispensary in Santa Ana Cookies!

New Flowers

Here at Santa Ana Cookies, we get in new flowers for you to explore and enjoy every month! Here are some of the latest drops at the dispensary and a little information on each:

Cross Faded: Some enjoy getting crossfaded and those who do not, but you won’t have to mix this flower with alcohol to receive a strong high! This flower brings all the pleasures of getting crossfaded to you without the downsides of mixing your bud with alcohol. This strain is going fast, so come in today to see what the buzz is all about!

Gaseous Clay: This new strain has quickly sold out here at Santa Ana Cookies, but we will have it back in stock soon! We receive a new flower every week, so if you come in and it’s not on the shelf, check back in in a week or so, and we should have it! It’s no wonder this strain sold out fast, as it is both delicious and strong and beautiful in every way. A cross between I-95 and Sour Diesel, this strain will provide relief for patients suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, and lack of appetite or nausea. If you’re a woman expecting a cycle soon, this flower is great for PMS symptoms as well!

2090 Shit: Homegrown in Los Angeles and crafted by Cookies themselves, this is the newest on the cannabis market today! This top-shelf flower has a very strong THC potency, coming in between 29%-33.7%, and offers an incredible full-body, long-lasting high. You can expect a smooth and relaxed experience. If you are an OG smoker, this is a great new flower! If you are more of a novice smoker, start slow with this one, as it does pack a (pleasant) punch!

whats new at the best dispensary in santa ana

New Concentrates And Edibles

Come into the store today to check out the latest concentrates and edibles that we have to offer at Santa Ana Cookies. We keep these products in the fridge to ensure their potency and make sure they stay fresh. Just like the flower, we always have something new to offer in the realms of concentrates and edibles that is sure to please! Call us now at (855) 626-6543 or come into the shop today, and one of our awesome budtenders can lead you in the right direction to discovering new concentrates or edibles!

What Else Is New?

If you’re looking for CBD products, we deliver! We have high potency products that are sure to bring you relief from even the most chronic conditions. Edible, topical, smokeable – we have you covered!  And before you leave, be sure to check out our art and apparel just next door from the flower shop! We always have new products in there as well, staying hip with the latest fashions and offering you the coolest Cookies swag.

Discover What’s New At Santa Ana Cookies Today!

Give us a ring at (855) 626-6543 or come into the shop at 1821 Newport Circle in Santa Ana, California, today and ask our budtenders what’s new!

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