There’s More to Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana Than Just Flower

Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana

Although Cookies has become famous for their top-shelf, exotic flower, many other Cookies products are worth trying and do not require smoking. These products include edibles and tinctures, which allow non-smoking cannabis users to get a taste of what Cookies are all about. Just as you assumed, the edibles typically come in the form of a cookie that contains 10mg of THC with 10 pieces per bag. The tinctures are considered ‘liquid flower’ as they are specific to their strain names and produce a high that is similar to smoking that strain. These products allow everyone to experiment with Cookies products and can be purchased at Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana. As these alternative products do not require smoking, users who suffer from lung issues or who simply want to be subtle with their marijuana usage have reported that edibles and tinctures are excellent ways to seek the medicinal benefits of cannabis. These products have become some of the most popular edibles and tinctures on the market given their quality ingredients and abilities to help users who do not wish to smoke the flower. These options, found at Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana can help you get through your day in the most subtle of ways.

Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana -Alternative Remedies

The Cookies brand never fails to make quality products. Although most people think of flowers when they think of the Cookies brand, many are unaware of the other products the company makes. Cookies provide customers with edibles and tinctures that contain full-spectrum oil, making them strain-specific and medicinally valuable. Read on to learn more about these alternative products.

Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana


Given the company name, it is no surprise that Cookies Dispensary makes its edibles in the form of a cookie. These edibles typically come in a bag with ten cookies inside, each containing 10mg of THC. Unlike most edible brands, these cookies have been “baked with full-spectrum butter that not only tastes incredible but preserves more cannabinoids and terpenes,” making them medicinally beneficial. These cookies come in many different flavors, all of which resemble the natural aromas of their flower strains. Flavors include Cherry Pie, Cookies & Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip. At just $25 per bag, users can relieve pain as well as get high from these edible cookies.


Tinctures come in small syringe bottles with cannabis oil inside. The oil must be of the best quality for it to be effective in providing medicinal benefits. Many brands that carry THC/CBD tinctures use distillate oil as it is cheaper and easier to acquire. The issue with this is that it does not contain the terpenes and other natural parts of the flower that provide medicinal benefits. Cookies THC and CBD tinctures contain “strain-specific oil with natural flavoring, inspired by our favorite genetics.” This implies that the Berry Pie tincture, for example, contains the oil of the flash-frozen Berry Pie flower itself. This means that the tincture will contain all the medicinal components that the flower carries in an oil form. These 300mg tinctures come in many different strains including Berry Pie, Cereal Milk, London Pound Cake, and Limoncello. This allows for users to experiment with the notorious Cookies strains without having to ingest the smoke into their lungs.

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These Cookie’s edibles and tinctures have become very popular as well hard to come by. Although many shops offer edibles and tinctures, it is rare to find the Cookies brand of these products at just any dispensary. Many alternative brands do not have the same natural flavors and quality ingredients that make Cookies products a customer favorite. Visit Cookies Santa Ana to pick up these top-rated edibles and tinctures today! Contact Cookies Santa Ana at (855) 626-6543 to learn more today!

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