The Best Santa Ana Dispensary Deals for Wake and Bakers

Santa Ana dispensary deals

What if we told you that there are Santa Ana dispensary deals for those who love to wake and bake? That’s right. Thanks to worldwide legalization and an overall softer stance on cannabis use, businesses can cater their services to satisfy every stoner’s needs. These days, even those who light up as soon as waking up have special deals waiting for them. But not every dispensary offers this perk, and you’re lucky if you have one nearby that does.

The Upsides of Wake and Bake

Now, before we get to the main topic, we’ll first discuss some of the pros of the wake and bake lifestyle. Note that this isn’t meant to encourage an unhealthy relationship with cannabis, but to make you see that it’s OK to do from time to time.

Santa Ana dispensary deals

Starting the day on a high note

No pun intended, but this is what many wake and bakers love about what they do. As soon as day breaks, you’re already in an elevated state of mind and being. Some would pair their favorite buds with a freshly brewed cup of Joe to make for an excellent start to the day.  If you plan to spark up upon waking up, best enjoy it outdoors amongst nature. You’ll thank yourself later.

Morning workouts become more enjoyable

There are days when getting up and getting a workout done feels like a huge chore. It’s as if you have chains tied around your body and onto the bed, hindering you from breaking a sweat, let alone moving any muscle.  But that’s nothing a puff or two off of your favorite strain can’t fix. Anecdotal evidence suggests that working out while having a bit of that buzz can make the activity more enjoyable, overall. Ultimately, it leads to a more productive workout.  More research is needed to make a more definite conclusion, but the findings are promising, so far.

Breakfasts become extra delectable

Any herb-loving individual is familiar with the delicious and fulfilling phenomenon known as the munchies. It’s having that seemingly insatiable desire for any delectable treat, whether it be pizza burgers or Smore sandwiches.  And as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now imagine having that same delightful munchie attack as you chomp on some bacon and omelet. Add a little more heartiness with some sausages and hashbrowns and now you have yourself a breakfast of champions.

You get to have a productive morning overall

Cannabis enthusiasts would agree that while getting high at night after a long day is therapeutic, there’s something about starting your mornings with a psychotropic trip. Mornings tend to be more peaceful, and a few tokes from a top-grade uplifting strain can elevate that already serene vibe. But the key to a productive psychotropic morning is using the right strain. Avoid those that will keep you incapacitated and render you useless. Save that for the day’s end and instead go with strains that will complement your caffeine jolt.

The Best Santa Ana Dispensary Deal for Wake and Bakers

If you love your morning hits, you will love this special deal we offer over here at Santa Ana Cookies. From 8 AM as our doors open until 11 AM, we have a wake and bake deal that comes with a 10% discount. Even if you’re not a morning person, you wouldn’t want to pass this up.  Our dispensary is located along Newport Circle, and we’re open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM.  For inquiries, call us at 1 (855) 626 6543.

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