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Edibles have become one of the most popular items on the cannabis market due to their powerful highs and their convenience. Cannabis-infused edibles typically contain 100mg of THC per package. That would be considered 10-20 servings depending on your tolerance levels. It is suggested that beginners start with a 5-10mg dose and wait 30-45 minutes before taking another dose. Given edibles are ingested orally, they may strike users at unexpected moments after taking a dose. Nevertheless, edibles are powerful and provide a long-lasting effect. So many different brands have begun making THC edibles that it may be difficult to decide which are best for you. The Cookies Weed Shop Santa Ana has a very extensive selection of edible gummies that include the Caminos, Papa and Barkley edibles, and the Froot brand gummies.

Read on to learn more about these edible gummy brands.

Edible Gummies at Cookies Weed Shop Santa Ana

Edibles are known to “reduce pain and muscle spasms, relieve nausea and vomiting, enhance sleep quality, and improve anxiety,” making them convenient to both medicinal and recreational users. There are various brands of edible gummies offered at Cookies Dispensary that include Camino, Papa and Barkley, and Froot. These brands are different in their effects, flavors, and benefits.

Weed Shop Santa Ana

Read on to learn more about the benefits of these different edible gummy brands.

Camino Gummies

The Camino gummies are described as “mood-enhancing gummies [made with] fresh fruit flavors that deliver the most tailored, and transporting, edible experience available.” Each edible package is titled with a mood to give you an idea of what effects you should expect from taking these gummies. For example, there is an ‘excite’ gummy, a ‘bliss’ gummy, and a ‘chill’ kind of gummy. Each has a different flavor and is infused with terpenes to provide users with specific effects. These gummies come in 5mg pieces with 20 pieces in each container, making them perfect for beginner users. Visit Cookies to pick up Camino gummies today.

Papa and Barkley Edibles

The Papa and Barkley edibles are unique in that they are solventless. This means there is no BHO in the oil that is used in these edibles. This oil is pure, potent, and contains all parts of the flower including terpenes and cannabinoids. These edibles have hybrid effects, meaning they are not overwhelming but also not a sedative. These gummies come in many different flavors which can be found at Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana.


The Froot edible brand has tasty and affordable gummies that can be found at Cookies. These edibles come in indica, Sativa, and hybrids giving users the ability to decide what effects they would like to receive from taking these gummies. The Froot brand also has several different fruity flavors, making them some of the tastiest edibles on the market. These edibles are typically sold for around $10-$12 per package, each of which contains 100mg of THC. These affordable and delicious gummies can be found at Cookies Dispensary.

Pick Up Edible Gummies at Cookies

Overall, there is no denying that edibles make getting high easier than ever. With several different brands and features to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that works for you at Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana. Contact Santa Ana Cookies Dispensary at (855) 626-6543 to learn more today!

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