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Given how popular marijuana has become among medical patients, it can be assumed that many customers entering a dispensary are in search of something very specific. This may be something to help you sleep or something to reduce symptoms of anxiety while lifting your serotonin levels. Although many people are quick to assume that THC and CBD are the only components of the marijuana flower, there are actually many different parts of the flower that make up all of its medicinal properties. These medicinal plant parts include but are not limited to, terpenes. A flower strain’s terpene profile can determine what kind of effects it will have as well as how it will smell. Understanding terpenes can help customers, both medical and recreational, have an easier time finding what they are looking for. Here at Cookies Santa Ana Dispensary, we have strains with various different terpene profiles ensuring you leave satisfied.

Read on to learn more about popular terpenes and their benefits.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are most commonly known for giving plants and flowers their pungent smells. Marijuana has several different terpenes which play a part in providing a scent as well as healing powers. Common terpenes found in marijuana that are both strong in scent and valuable in their medicinal abilities include Myrcene, Limonene, and Pinene.

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Read on to learn how these terpenes can be of benefit to you.


Myrcene has been found to help eliminate symptoms of insomnia as well as overall pain. Given how many users enter a dispensary in hopes of finding something to help them sleep, Myrcene has been considered one of the most valuable terpenes. This terpene also helps eliminate body aches and pains with its relaxing and almost numbing abilities.


The limonene terpene is known for giving certain marijuana strains their citrusy scent as well as their ‘happy high’. This terpene has been found to be very “powerful for elevating mood and reducing stress,” thus limonene is very popular among patients struggling with anxiety and depression. Although many citrusy strains tend to be sativas, this terpene can be found in both hybrids and indicas as well.


As it sounds, piene is the terpene responsible for giving weed its piney smell. With its abilities to reduce inflammation, “studies have shown that [pinene] could be used as a bronchodilator and may be beneficial to those with asthma.” Although many strains are not dominated by this terpene, the strain Big Smooth happens to be an exception (Rahn, 2015).

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Now that you have a better understanding of what terpenes are and how they play a role in getting you high, it should be easier to shop for flowers. Cookies Santa Ana has several different strains with extensive terpene profiles, ensuring you will find what you need to treat yourself. Contact Santa Ana Cookies Dispensary at (855) 626-6543 to learn more today!

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