A Taste of the Flower, Concentrates, and Edibles in Santa Ana We Offer

Edibles in Santa Ana

Does it seem like your dispensary doesn’t have everything that you’re looking for? Has it felt like the dispensaries in Santa Ana only have some of what you want? As folks who live around the area ourselves, we’ve certainly felt that. So, we decided to do something about that. Here at Cookies Santa Ana, we have, as of this writing, 799 different products available on our menu. We put “as of this writing” because our menu is always in flux. Whether you’re looking for flower, concentrates, topicals, gear, and edibles in Santa Ana (or the surrounding area) we’ve got you covered. 

Featured Flower 

If you go to our Weedmaps pages, you’ll find that we have two different kinds of flower featured right now. There’s a reason for that: they’re some of the best flower that we offer. While we have many kinds available, these two are very much towards the apex. “Minntz – 3.5 g – Jealousy” is a combo of Sherbet backcross and Cookies’ own Gelato 41. A majority of folks rave about the sweet cream and candy aroma of Jealousy. It tastes like that, with a bit of gelato as well. “Runtz – 3.5 g – Peach Cobbler” smells of citrus, nuts, stone fruit, and even a bit of skunk. The taste is an irresistible combo of citrus, herbs, and peaches. Both can make you feel happy and euphoric. 

Multiple Edibles in Santa Ana that Can Be Edible in Multiple Ways 

You can find any number of gummies and other kinds of edibles at Cookies. One of our most popular edibles, however, are our THC Releaf Tinctures. These can provide you with all of cannabinoids’ benefits in a brief period of time. So, this is perfect whether you’re looking to relax or if you’re dealing with pain and inflammation. In fact, for the most part, folks report that they feel the effects in as little as fifteen minutes. This is just one of the edibles that we offer, but it’s popular for many reasons. 

Powerhouse Concentrates 

There are concentrates with a lot of THC. Then, there is Pink Rozay. This can come in at 25% THC. With its distinct, unique fruit scent,  this cross of LPC75 and Lemonchello 10 can give you a powerful head high that will provide you with plenty of cheer along the way. Additionally, it’ll help you to feel relaxed and mellow out, too. 

First Time Deals for (Hopefully) Long Term Customers 

The above are just some of the highlights of our menu. That means that, as of right now, there are still 795 other different products for you to discover at Cookies. If it’s your first time shopping with us, we’ve got plenty of deals to welcome you through the door. First time buyers can save 10% between 8 AM and 11 AM, if it’s their birthday, or if they’re veterans. If you’re interested in what we have to offer, check out our menu and stop by.

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