A First-Timer’s Introduction to Edibles From a Santa Ana Dispensary

Edibles Santa Ana

Not everyone who buys edibles from a Santa Ana dispensary is experienced with this form of cannabis consumption. In many instances, a lot of these patrons are trying ingestible marijuana for the first time. A select few among those brave souls will swear off it because of the forgettable, traumatizing episode. They’ve gone through, which is very understandable. But not every first dive into edibles should be a PTSD-inducing experience, especially if you equip yourself with proper knowledge. This is what we aim to impart through this article, so be sure to read until the end.

Making the Switch From Smoking to Edibles

If you’re reading this article, you likely have some experience with cannabis already, primarily through smoking. You’re either a wake-and-baker or you’ve at least done a puff or two during a house party in high school. While that prior experience will help in terms of not shocking your system, keep in mind that edibles and smokables are two completely different beasts. In the case of the former, here are some things to expect when you do it for the first time.

The high will come much later

As a smoker, you’re used to the instant sensation that a few puffs bring. After that second round of passing, you’ll start feeling a bit tingly and light-headed. Around ten minutes in, your long-haul flight towards the ether has officially taken off, and all you’re left to do is buckle up and enjoy the ride. This isn’t the same with edibles. Unlike smoking, the THC will first pass through the liver and digestive system, which means it will take time before the effects manifest. On average, it takes at least 45 minutes after that initial bite of a space cookie before you start feeling funky. That said, avoid making that crucial mistake of taking another bite “because I’m not sure if it’s kicked in yet.” Give it time, because it can hit hard.

Edibles Santa Ana

The effects linger much longer

We mentioned long-haul flights in the previous section because there is no better way to describe an edible experience. If you think a smoker’s high is already long enough, wait until you’ve gotten baked from edibles. How much longer are we talking about here? To put things in perspective, the high from smoking may last up to half an hour before you start to feel your descent back to Earth. With edibles, you may want to allow up to three hours before you start feeling like a functioning human being again. For some people, that high continues onto the next day, and that can be a bit jarring.

The hit emanates through the entire body

If you’re smoking, you can easily distinguish a head high from a body high. But with edibles, the sensation will vibrate through the entire body. According to research, edibles appear to be more potent because of a metabolic byproduct called 11-hydroxy-THC, which develops when the cannabinoid passes through the GI tract and liver. So if you feel like your core is being shaken after taking a couple of nibbles off of those THC cookies, that comes with the edible territory.

Get Your Edibles From a Trusted Santa Dispensary

Another important thing to remember about buying edibles is that they must come from a reliable source. And if you’re living in the Santa Ana area of California, Santa Ana Cookies is the place to be. We offer a 10% discount for early bird customers who visit our shop between 8 AM to 11 AM. You also get the same price cut on your birthday and if you’re a veteran. We’re open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM. For inquiries, call us at 1(855) 626-6543 or email us at cookiessa626@gmail.com.

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