3 Uplifting Sativa Strains You’ll Find at the Best Dispensary in OC

Best Dispensary in OC

You can expect a lot from the best dispensary in OC in terms of the quality of products they offer. If you’re into a soothing indica to slow a rough day down, they will have something for you. The same thing goes for people who love their sativas and the energizing highs they get from it. With the plethora of strains in circulation today, you can very much experience a lot of option paralysis when scouring through the internet to find the right one for you. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to narrow down your search to three of today’s best uplifting sativas for your enjoyment.

The Truth About Sativas

A quick Google search will tell you that sativas lift you up while indicas slow you down and keep you “in da couch.” But keep in mind that these associated descriptions are mostly based on general perception within mainstream cannabis culture. But if you look at anecdotal evidence, you’ll discover that some people feel the opposite effects upon smoking a Sativa, and vice versa with an indica. At the end of the day, it’s your personal experience that matters. But since we’re on the topic of strains, here are three examples of what many believe are great for lifting your spirits up when you’re down.

Sticky Buns

The name may throw some of you off, but the experience will say otherwise. People gravitate towards Sticky Buns because of the cerebral high it is known to bring. Many users report feeling more creative than usual upon those first few tokes, followed by a pleasant tingly sensation running through the body. The creamy cinnamon aroma of this strain along with its sugary vanilla flavor will open up your senses. If you have more of a sweet tooth, you should get a kick out of this.

Best Dispensary in OC

Pineapple Express

Bred from the union of the hard-hitting Trainwreck and the relaxing Hawaiian comes a Sativa-dominant hybrid called Pineapple Express. Thanks to the 2008 film of the same name starring comedy duo James Franco and Seth Rogan, this strain has since been famous among cannabis lovers. Pineapple Express is known to bring hours’ worth of uplifting and energizing effects. A few puffs in, you’ll begin to feel a sense of alertness and creativity. You can use this during a workday if you’re planning to, but make sure you’re within the proper doses. Flavorwise, Pineapple Express lives up to its name with a bright, citrusy taste. That’s always a pleasant bonus to have.

Honey Bun

The last but certainly not the least item on this list is called Honey Bun. The name itself bodes well with its flavor profile that many compare to a sweet and creamy honey-glazed donut. Upon the first few tokes off of this strain, you’ll notice a happy and uplifting high. But as time slowly passes, you’ll feel a tingle throughout the rest of your body as you’re slowly guided to a state of relaxation. Honey Bun does get the job done in terms of lifting your spirits up. And if you want to keep it that way without the relaxing feeling, be sure to consume in smaller doses.

The Best Dispensary in OC That Offers These Uplifting Sativas

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