Top Shelf Flower Brands at Cookies Santa Ana Dispensary

One of the main things people come into a dispensary to purchase is flower. Flower is typically sold by the eighth and is classified as either an indica, sativa or hybrid. Depending on how much you are willing to spend on an eighth tends to determine the quality of the flower. Eighths that are classified as ‘top-shelf’ usually fall into a category known as exotic hybrids. These strains consist of ambiguous and unusual crosses that make new flavorful and potent hybrid strains. Many marijuana brands have capitalized off this new demand for exotic hybrids and have become some of the highest quality flower brands on the market. Cookies Santa Ana Dispensary sells exotic hybrids from brands such as Teds Buds, BackPackBoyz and of course the Cookies brand itself. 

Read on to learn more about the top shelf brands carried at Cookies Dispensary. 

Shop Top Shelf Buds at Cookies Santa Ana Dispensary

Cookies is one of the best dispensaries to shop for top shelf flower due to the fact that they grow exotic top shelf strains themselves. With this being said, Cookies has become a goldmine for exotic, high quality brands that never fail to impress their clientele.

Read on to learn about these brands and what strains are recommended.  

Ted’s Buds 

Ted’s Buds is a newer cannabis brand that provides customers with exceptionally grown exotic hybrid flower strains. These premium indoor eighths are covered in trichomes and have colorful buds ranging from greens to purples. Although there are many different strains of Ted’s Bud’s flower sold at Cookies Santa Ana, one of the most popular strains is the White Plum Mochi. This Gelato based strain has an immediate cross of Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies making it desserty while also potent. This strain is an indica-leaning hybrid meaning it provides a relaxing high that is perfect for both a night in and out. 


BackPackBoyz is another brand of top shelf weed sold at Cookies dispensary. This brand has several signature crosses that have become notorious exotic hybrid strains. These flowers have been grown in indoor cultivation centers made to produce perfect buds that are covered in crystally trichomes. Although there are many superb strains grown by this brand, one of the most popular is entitled ‘Black Cherry Gelato’. This strain has a genetic profile of Grandaddy Purp and Ken OG, giving it a heavy high with pungent flavor. The Black Cherry Gelato strain has aromas that are reported “to taste like tea, berries and spice” making it a tasty smoke you won’t want to miss out on. 

Cookies Exotic Flower 

As assumed, Cookies Dispensary stays stocked up with their own brand of top-shelf flower. The Cookies brand has several notorious strains that include Gary Payton, Sticky Buns, and Cheetah Piss, all of which have exotic genetic profiles. One of the more recently popular and uniquely flavored strains made by Cookies is the Gelatti. This exotic hybrid has a cross of Gelato and OG Biscotti making it gassy as well as sweet. This strain is “said to taste like sweet and sour fruit, herbs, and mint.” The large frosty nugs on this flower makes Gelatti potent as well as pungent. This top shelf exotic hybrid can be found and purchased at Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana. 

Final Notes

It is evident that Cookies Dispensary is stocked up with top shelf brands that are classified as exotic strains. From colorful flowers made by Ted’s Buds, to crystally greens grown by BackPackBoyz and of course classic Cookie’s strains, this shop has all you need to improve your smoke with both flavor and potency. 

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