The Most Popular Strains at The Best Dispensary In Santa Ana 

Oftentimes, things become popular for a good reason – they stand out above the rest and can frequently be described as being “better” than others or even the very best. When a certain strain stands out as being popular among a large group of people, others can be assured it has something truly special and great to offer. Here is a brief list and description of some of the most popular strains available for purchase at Santa Ana Cookies.

Our Number One Indica 

Right now, our most favored Indica strain is Jesus Shuttlesworth. Named the winner of The Haze Halloween Secret-Cup 2021 for Best Indica, this beauty truly is #1! This strain was created by Blueprint, a group of renowned geneticists with many delectable creations. The flower is characterized by diamond-like crystals and deep purple hues, and its effects can be described simply as being “chill.”  

If this strain’s name caught you off guard, you aren’t the only one – but the name does exist outside of this unique flower. It actually got its name from the fictional character Jesus Shuttlesworth, a high school basketball star in the movie He Got Game.

Our Most Popular Sativa

Next up is our most popular Sativa: Blanco. Created by Lemonade, the sister brand to Cookies, and voted to have the #1 Sativa menu in the world!  Founded by Berner and Brett Wilson in 2015, Lemonade is also known for its exclusive collaborations with artists like Run The Jewels, Rick Ross, and several others.

Blanco was originally bred by Lemonade and Cookies.  It smells sugary with a gassy finish, tastes sweet and smooth, and will leave you feeling uplifted and energetic.

Our Favorite Hybrid

If you have a deep love for both Indicas and Sativas and want the best of both worlds, try our top-selling Hybrid, The Fly. This species was crafted by Cookies, one of the most well-known groups of genetic engineers in the cannabis industry. You are probably most familiar with their strain, Girl Scout Cookies, as it has become one of the most popular strains in the US.  

The name for this Hybrid came from its parent strains, Florida Kush and The Y.  Said to hit the body hard, be prepared for one of the strongest bowls you’ve packed yet. The Fly will leave you feeling euphoric and happy, calm, and hungry – so be prepared to kick back, relax, and eat some of your favorite snacks.

Indica dominant, Fly comes out to be 80% Indica and just 20% Sativa. This strain is great for reducing pain and discomfort in your muscles as well as any intestinal cramping. Give it a try for yourself today!

Other Popular Strains In Right Now

Feeling like exploring some more of Santa Ana’s favorites?  Here are a few more of our most popular cannabis strains here at Santa Ana Cookies right now:

  • Cross Faded
  • Gaseous Clay
  • Green Dog Combo
  • Low Low 
  • Casey Case


Come In Today And Experience The Best For Yourself!

You now know some of the top sellers here at Santa Ana Cookies, so now it’s time to experience them for yourself!  Perhaps you, too, will find a new favorite!  We are located at 1821 Newport Circle, Santa Ana, California 92705 and have brilliant budtenders ready to assist you in finding your new favorite today!

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