Products at our Weed Store in Santa Ana You Can’t Find Elsewhere

When you’re deciding between one weed store in Santa Ana or another, does it seem like they’re all more or less the same? Are you tired of going to weed store after weed store and finding essentially all of the same products? Here at Cookies, we’re proud to be able to offer products that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. A great example of this: the “Babby Powder” strain by Cookies and Khalifa Kush.

Two Legends Unite

As you may know, Cookies originally started as not just a dispensary, but a brand. Our two visionary founders grow expert Jai and the entrepreneur Berner (he of the “Girl Scout Cookies” strain) created Cookies in a San Francisco garage. Today, there are Cookies locations all over. But, that success in and of itself isn’t enough, as we’re always looking for new ways to grow, to offer more to our customers. Hence, a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa and his “Khalifa Kush.” 

Featured for Our Customers 

If you look at the “Featured Products” on our site, you’ll find that the first product mentioned in our menu is “Babby Powder,” which is Cookies X Khalifa Kush. This particular strain brings a body high that can only be described as “heavy relaxing.” This will get you relaxed in a hurry and in a heavy fashion. This can help you to sleep soundly, to feel euphoric, creative, happy, and then drift off to sleep soundly. Moreover, it may come along with some serious munchies, too. The flavor is a sweet lemon with some earthy pine in there as well. For a long time, Cookies were the only place that you could find Babby Powder. 

More Than Just Babby Powder 

We’re quite proud of Babby Powder, but we don’t want to give people the idea that the only items you can find at Cookies are Cookies products. Indeed, our goal is always to offer our customers the very best of the best. That’s just one of the reasons that, as of this writing, one of the other featured products from our site is the “2090 Shit” strain. With a strong, citrusy taste, many have felt that this strain is relaxing and smooth, yes, but with a very, very strong high. You can make any day a chill day with this strain. 

A Weed Store in Santa Ana Unlike Any Other 

That’s just some of what’s featured at our site. Indeed, by the time you read this blog, it’s entirely possible that we’re featuring other, newer products. That’s because we’re always on the lookout for what our customers may enjoy even more. You can always shop Cookies Santa Ana online or you can shop in-store, Monday through Saturday, from 8 AM to 10 PM. When you’re ready for world-class cannabis and cannabis products, you know where to find us.