Best Dispensary in Santa Ana for Pre-Rolled Blunts 

There is nothing that hits as hard and smooth as a well rolled blunt. Although blunts are tasty and always provide a good smoke, they are not the easiest to roll. Despite this, some of the best dispensaries in Santa Ana California have begun selling blunts that have been pre-rolled with weed inside, making them more convenient than ever. Although many dispensaries nowadays carry blunts, Cookies Santa Ana has some of the best options on the market. These blunts are rolled with premium indoor flower  – many of which have even been infused with concentrated oils and kief. 

Cookies Santa Ana provides customers with product options from many different companies including their very own Cookies company flower brand. The Cookies brand has their own line of blunts which have been perfectly rolled with their home-grown flower. These Cookies blunts as well as other top-shelf blunts can all be purchased at Cookies Santa Ana.

Read on to learn about the blunt options sold at Cookies 

Best Blunt Options at Cookies 

Cookies Santa Ana sells some of the highest quality blunts on the market. Whether you are looking for a single blunt or a pack of several, Cookies has got you covered. Their house brand blunts and the Packarillos pack of blunts have become some of the most popular cannabis pre-rolled blunts and can be purchased at Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana.

Cookies Blunts

The Cookies brand makes single packaged “premium 2g blunts with proprietary genetics from Cookies.” These blunts are filled with small nugs, as opposed to shake or pre-ground, and are covered in a tasty hemp wrap. The glass filter on these blunts make each hit smooth and consistent with a long burn time. One of the most popular Cookies blunts contains their notorious Gary Payton strain. Besides being named after the NBA star, this hybrid strain has become one of the most well-known flowers by Cookies due to its exquisite quality and euphoric high. When wrapped in an all-natural hemp wrap, the Gary Payton flower hits better than ever with both flavor and strength. The Gary Payton blunt, as well as many other Cookies blunts, can be found and purchased at Cookies Santa Ana. 

Packarillo Blunt Packs 

The Packarillos are pre-roll packs that contain three .75g blunts that have been infused with a high quality concentrated oil and kief. These mini blunts have an “engineered cross cut glass filter in a slow burning, 100% tobacco free wrap to ensure every hit is as smooth as the last. There are many different strains of Packarillos that include indicas, sativas and hybrids. From Strawnana, to Amnesia Haze to a Venom OG, Packarillos have a pre-rolled blunt pack for every occasion. These blunts are rolled with premium indoor flower that provide a flavorful and clean smoke with every inhale. The added infusion of concentrated oils and kief give the blunts their extra potent strength and intense high. Although these blunts are mini, their powerful ingredients and high THC levels are bound to get you as high as you want to be with just a couple hits. The Packarillo pre-rolled blunt packs can be found and purchased at Cookies Dispensary Santa Ana. 

Visit Cookies: The Best Dispensary in Santa Ana for Blunts

When you don’t have the time or patience to roll a blunt, Cookies Santa Ana has got you covered with pre-rolled blunts. Whether you are looking for a single blunt or a pack of blunts, the Cookies brand and the Packarillos provide some of the best blunts of the cannabis market. Stop by Cookies Santa Ana to pick up and smoke a blunt today!

Best Dispensary in Santa Ana

Best Dispensary in Santa Ana