Best Dispensary in Santa Ana for Deals and More 

Do you want the best cannabis products in Santa Ana but don’t want to have to pay your entire rent/mortgage to get them? Have you been looking for a dispensary that doesn’t choose between “low prices” and “high quality products?” That’s what we made Cookies in Santa Ana to be. We wanted to have the best dispensary in Santa Ana in terms of products, yes, but also the best in terms of prices, too. There’s always a good reason to shop here at Cookies, whether “here” is in our store or “here” online. 

Deals for Stopping By the First Time 

We’re always grateful to someone who made the effort to come to our store. To that end, we’ve done everything possible to make for a great shopping experience? There’s an ATM on site, as well as our professional budtenders, who can help you to find exactly what it is that you’re looking for. On top of that, if you’re a first time patient here at Cookies in Santa Ana, we offer 20% off of all in-store purchases. That way, you can experience everything that we have to offer the first time. 

Deals for When You Return 

Our store is open from 8 AM to 10 PM every day except Sunday. We know that many of our customers have irregular schedules, so we incorporate that into our prices. For example, our “Happy Hour” isn’t really “an hour” at all. Indeed, it’s four hours, six days a week. If you’re shopping at our site from 8 AM to Noon any day of the week, you’ll get 15% off of your products. That can make any morning that much better. 

The Cookies Difference

We understand that, here in the Santa Ana area, there isn’t exactly a lack of dispensaries. That said, we’re committed to making sure that we offer our customers the lowest prices. How? We have the lowest price guaranteed. That means we’ll price match. You find someone offering the same product at a lower price and we’ll match it. We’re not going to be undersold. Indeed, our goal is to be the dispensaries that folks in and around Santa Ana return to time and again for many years to come. 

The Best Dispensary in Santa Ana to Meet Your Needs 

All of the deals above wouldn’t be worth it if our catalog were lacking or if we offered products of low quality. Instead, the opposite is true. Here at Cookies in Santa Ana, we are committed to providing the kinds of products that “work like a charm.” That means whether you want your cannabis to make you feel euphoric, to ease your pain, to send you off into a soft, gentle sleep, or to do all of the above (and so much more) we can make it happen. We’re always glad to see you at our in-store location and you can order online from us as well.