3 Things to Remember Before Eating Edibles From a Santa Ana Dispensary

You may be a veteran smoker, but you’re aware of the power of an edible, especially from a Santa Ana dispensary. It’s a completely different animal that if you’re not careful, can leave you in a purely stoned state. Now, this article is meant to serve as both a guide and reminder for both rookies and longtime cannabis lovers. We do need to jog our memories from time to time, and let this piece be the one to help you out. 

Be a Label-Checker

You’re probably annoyed with these people you see in the grocery store; those who take up a portion of the aisle to stop and examine the product through its labels. Well, if you’re dealing with edible marijuana, you might need to turn into one, yourself. And yes, need.

The front of the packaging will only say much: expected taste, service size, and whether it’s organic or not. But the fuller details will be found at the back. It’ll tell you the effects you may experience along with the THC percentage and ingredients. 

Now, it’s important to note that there isn’t 100% accuracy in these labels. At worst, they’ll be flat out wrong in certain aspects. But it beats total ignorance. 

The Effects Will Be More Intense

Some of you reading this probably haven’t had an edible for ages. You’ve either purposely stayed away, or you just prefer smoking to ingesting. If you’re diving back in, remind yourself of one important thing: this brownie you just took a bite out of will likely kick your behind. 

Remind yourself that it won’t kick in as fast as a blunt hit, but once it does, be sure you’re strapped in. Because this will be a long, funky ride. 

A lot of you might even make the mistake of going for seconds because “I didn’t feel a thing.” For your sanity’s sake, don’t fall into this trap. Be patient. A bong rip may have you feeling woozy within the next ten minutes, give the edible a clean 45 minutes to an hour. 

But in the End, You’ll Be Okay

You’ve likely seen those news clippings of actual people losing their wits after a bite off a pot brownie. It’s the familiar story of dad seeing the chocolatey, moist-looking dessert in the fridge and innocently taking a bite off of it. Moments later, he calls 911 saying he feels like he’s about to die. 

First off, there hasn’t been a reported death due to cannabis overdose, so the chances of dying from a pot brownie bite is extremely low. Second, like all sensations in life, this, too shall pass. It will take longer, and it may be a paranoia-filled ride all throughout, but it’ll be all over in a matter of hours. Just strap in and enjoy. 

Top Grade Edibles From Santa Ana’s Trusted Dispensary

We at Cookies Santa Ana have prided ourselves for being a source of high-quality edibles. Don’t let our name fool you, because we’re more than just cookies and sweets. We have quite the selection of edibles for you to choose from. If you happen to be in the Newport Circle area, drop by our shop any time between 8 AM to 10 PM daily. We’ll be more than happy to serve you. 

Edibles Santa Ana

Edibles Santa Ana